Thursday, October 16, 2008

TCW - "Shadow of Malevolence"

Anakin leads a starfighter squadron on a desperate mission to destroy the Malevolence before it can attack a Republic medical station.

This episode felt more like the original trilogy than any scene in any of the prequels. The fact that it so sharply echoed the OT films in terms of visuals and lines of dialogue helped, of course, but it also echoed that same feel.

Seeing the Y-Wing starfighters from the OT, in their top-of-the-line armored-up glory, is a special treat. The fact that the battle chatter was lifted from the OT as well was really cool.
"Deflectors on, double front!"
"Watch out for those towers!"
"Shadow Twelve standing by."
It's very nostalgic, while also serving the episode itself. I don't think we need this level of homaging every week, but it's nice once in a while.

Something notable about this episode is that it continues the focus on the Jedi's concern for their clones' lives. Normally in Star Wars, pilots die left and right, but unless they're Biggs Darklighter no one cares. Here, Anakin feels guilt over losing half his squadron. It's a nice touch.

At Plo's mention of the "Nebray Mantas," I expected a swarm of ten-foot mantas to come flying out. What I didn't expect was a swarm of ten-HUNDRED-foot mantas that completely dwarfed the tiny fighters of Shadow Squadron. Definitely a "wow" moment, and one that just feels right in the Star Wars universe.

"Shadow of Malevolence" is a really fun episode that makes the starfighter geek in me very happy.

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