Friday, January 30, 2009

TCW - "Trespass"

This was a phenomenally good episode. The Clone Wars has thus far only rarely taken its stories seriously, and this is one such example. In fact, it's probably the most serious episode thus far—even moreso than "Rookies," although that episode did have a huge gut-punch that this one doesn't. "Trespass" is a story that treats life and death with the appropriate dramatic weight, making the tension between the Republic and the Talz all the more strong.

One neat aspect of this episode is its setting. It almost seems like an alternate version of Hoth, with the Prequel-era characters wearing ESB-esque outfits. The fact that the animators actually went out of their way to design completely new character models was impressive. I hope we get to see these new designs again in the series; it'd be a shame to have all that work go into only one episode.

The portrayal of the Talz was rather strange. While it was definitely cool to see an old Star Wars alien race given some development, the Talz' primitive nature seems to stand in contrast with their other appearances in Star Wars lore.

"Trespass" is definitely one of the most memorable episodes of The Clone Wars thus far, even if it's not perfect.

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Palm boy said...

Fantastic episode. Wondeful.