Friday, October 9, 2009

TCW - "Children of the Force"

In this episode, we get the conclusion of this "Cad Bane trilogy," which, according to later episodes in Season 3, is apparently not a technical trilogy. It's complicated.

This is perhaps the first Clone Wars episode that actually feels like a Star Wars movie in terms of scope. A total of four planets (and a space station) are visited, making the entire story seem more epic. Each planet, of course, gets a mere few minutes of screentime, but it's something at least.

Cad Bane's capture in this episode finally puts an end to the three-episode-long repetitious plot cycle of Cad Bane (1) initiating a daring plan to capture an object/person of value, (2) tricking the Jedi, and (3) narrowly escaping the Jedi's grasp. Finally, here, he's captured. The score is still Bane: 3, Jedi: 1, but the Jedi are definitely making a comeback. That Force-torture scene, though... that was intense. It was definitely a morally-gray thing for the Jedi to do, but it still made for a powerful scene.

I have to question why they decided to use Mustafar in this episode.  If it was used as a Sith/Separatist outpost here, why would Sidious use it again later?  It doesn't really make sense.  It raises too many questions, and doesn't give any reason why Mustafar should have been used here.  Any other planet would have been just fine.

Lastly, that scene in Bane's space station was pretty awesome.  The visual of red lasers crossing with blue and purple sabers in the dark was really great.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode.  Nothing incredible, but still pretty decent.

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