Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TCW - "Landing at Point Rain"

This may be the single best ground battle in the entire Star Wars saga.
After the short few-minute setup scene, this entire episode is one gigantic, epic, and terrible war scene. Clones die right and left; gunfire and cannon blasts fly in all directions; even our Jedi heroes cannot emerge unscathed.

Each episode in this "Geonosis arc" has its own specific focus. This episode's focus is all-out war insanity.
It draws some definite parallels to other war stories, notably D-day—which is fitting, considering Star Wars's heavy WWII connections.

More than any other battle in Star Wars' TV and movie history, this feels like a real war. The directorial style makes the viewer feel there with the characters in the middle of this conflict. As the battle goes worse and worse for the Republic heroes, their desperation becomes practically palpable.

Other notable details go a long way in helping with the overall feel. The clones, more than ever before, seem to act like real soldiers. They truly seem mortal now, rather than just token characters in an animated series. In this instance, it's actually surprising when a clone doesn't die, rather than when he does. Also, they use flamethrowers.

It's rather remarkable that this episode actually makes you fear for a few of the characters' lives. Obi-Wan in particular has a rather awesome moment where he prepares to make his last stand, despite his hopeless odds.

This is definitely one of the standout episodes of the entire series thus far. Without a doubt, it's the one with the most jaw-dropping eye candy. If you're looking for an episode to show friends (and get them hooked on the show), this is the episode to go to.

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