Friday, February 27, 2009

TCW - "Storm Over Ryloth"

This episode is a turning point for Ahsoka. In the span of 22 minutes, she's forced to get over her teenage "I can do anything" attitude and act like a true leader. It's refreshing to see Ahsoka truly treated like a growing character rather than a firmly-set constant like the rest of the show's main cast.

I love well-done space battles, and this was a great one. Ahsoka's Star Destroyer flank maneuver is straight out of Heir to the Empire, which I greatly appreciate. One of my favorite things in Star Wars is getting to see the military tactics behind the epic battles, so this episode was a real treat for me.

Anakin's maneuver was a nice demonstration of his character: brash and reckless, yet skilled and effective. It's nice that we're getting these glimpses into Anakin's character that surpass the whiny toddler-of-a-man that we saw in the Prequel films.

Between Ahsoka's development and the well-plotted space action, this story was great.

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