Friday, February 13, 2009

TCW - "Blue Shadow Virus"

Honestly, I think I hate this episode. It had a few highlights, but, overall, it felt like an insult to my intelligence.

The Good:

  • Seeing Naboo again, especially the starfighter hangar. That setting was a favorite of mine growing up, and it's nice to see it in a new story.
  • The lightsaber action. It seems to have progressed beyond the staleness of early episodes.
  • Ahsoka's Force-hover-thermal-detonator trick.
The Bad:
  • Jar-Jar and his looney-toon antics.
  • The villain's motivation. He claimed that he was "creating life" by reviving the Blue Shadow virus, but, as anyone who's gone through high school biology should know, VIRUSES ARE NOT ALIVE. At best, viruses are incredibly complicated poisons or intricately designed infectious materials; they are not living cells themselves, like bacteria. I don't think it's nitpicking to point out that the main goal of a supposedly brilliant virologist contradicted the most basic fact about viruses.

  • What, Jedi can't catch tiny falling vials with the Force? They have to jump over and grab them all? Come to think of it, it'd probably be a better idea to use the Force to grab the vials, considering that Anakin's metal grip is more likely to accidentally crush one. Just a few minutes prior to this scene, we see Ahsoka (a PADAWAN) use the Force to maneuver small objects; it's ridiculous to suddenly have the Jedi MASTERS not be able to do the same thing on even lighter objects. That is absolutely shoddy writing, and it's inexcusable.
Aside from the fact that the episode is set on Naboo, I really don't see too many positives here. This may be as bad as "The Gungan General," and that was BAD.